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National Exhibit
National Exhibit
Symon Petliura

Symon Petliura was born in Poltava in 1879 and was assassinated in Paris in 1926. Petliura is primarily known for having been a publicist before the Revolution in 1917 and a statesman, supreme commander of the army of the Ukrainian National Republic and President of the Directory of the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR) during the Ukrainian war for independence from 1917 to 1921.People who got to know Petliura trusted him so much that, for example, although inexperienced in military matters, Petliura was chosen by the military to serve as the head of the Ukrainian Military Committee –subsequently he became General Secretary of military affairs.

Politically Petliura always defended the position of Ukrainian independence. Indeed, the entire period of 1917 – 1921, a time of struggle against the Bolsheviks for Ukrainian statehood and independence is indissolubly linked with Petliura. What characterized Petliura during these difficult times of war and the destructive anarchy, which dominated the countryside, was his effort to realize his ideals of social justice and equality within the independent Ukrainian Republic.

It was in pursuit of the spirit of equality that Petliura, as the Head of the State, renewed the law on National-Personal Autonomy, which was introduced by the Ukrainian Central Rada on January 22, 1918. As a champion of equality Petliura displayed a great interest in the tragedy of the Jewish people, who were experiencing an increasing number of pogroms. The Directory made every effort to fight against these excesses against the Jewish people, but their limited resources did not stop the anarchy and brutality.

After the communists conquered Ukraine, Petliura found himself in exile – first he spent some time in Warsaw then went to Budapest, Vienna, Geneva and in 1924 he was already in Paris. Here, as President of the Government in Exile, Petliura kept contact with various Ukrainian political centers trying to promote the Ukrainian cause.

The humanity, idealism, dedication and patriotism of Symon Petliura during this crucial part of Ukrainian history left a lasting imprint on the Ukrainian community throughout the world.

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Location:  Eastern Europe
Capital:  Kyiv
Communist Rule:  1922-1991
Status:  Independence: 24.08.91
Victims of Communism: