Dedicated to the 100 million victims of communism worldwide.
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National Exhibit
National Exhibit
Symon Petliura
The humanity, idealism, dedication and patriotism of Symon Petliura during a crucial part of Ukrainian history left a lasting imprint on the Ukrainian community throughout the world
Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky
For his proselytizing in Russia Metropolitan Sheptytsky was imprisoned by the tsarist police in 1914 and exiled to Russia where he remained under arrest until 1917...
Stepan Bandera
Stepan Bandera was born on January 1, 1909 and was assassinated in Munich by Soviet agent Stashynsky on October 15, 1959...
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Location:  Eastern Europe
Capital:  Kyiv
Communist Rule:  1922-1991
Status:  Independence: 24.08.91
Victims of Communism: